About Source One


Source One is an industry-leading global supply and distribution company that predominantly serves the medical, apparel, food service, janitorial, machinery & manufacturing spaces.
Our direct partnerships with several multinational corporations and manufacturers worldwide position us to fulfill the demand for many products of large scale. Since our inception, Source One has successfully manufactured & distributed goods to private companies, states, governments, hospitals, institutions and big-box retailers. Source One is a SAM.gov registered cage code carrier. This allows us to serve the United States government across all federal departments and agencies, including the Department of Defense, VA, FEMA, Air Force, Army, Navy and more.
Source One’s background is rooted in apparel manufacturing and distribution for institutional discount retailers across the United States and abroad. Our transactional history of supply chain and logistics services has allowed us to successfully deliver products for our clients since the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak quickly.
Why Source One


Our mission at Source One is to provide high-quality services for our clients in the most efficient manner possible. With personal protective equipment in high demand, Source One is readily available to fulfill new orders in a timely fashion delivered anywhere in the world.
Our objective is to facilitate frictionless sourcing, production, and logistics services while consistently delivering products to our clients worldwide. Our long-standing partnerships provide us tremendous leverage across various highly competitive markets to ensure we successfully fulfill our client’s needs, whatever they may be.
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Headquarter Location
1601 Washington Ave STE 320 | Miami Beach, Florida 33139

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